Couch Workers Edition

Eno Won

Couch Workers Edition reimagines the near future of remote work culture.

Couch Workers Edition took inspiration from the rise of remote work culture in response to the pandemic that has merged offices with homes. I created an imaginative brand as a communication tool to express an optimistic outlook on the inevitable fusion of work and living space.

It promotes a low-stress environment and witty lifestyle changes for the well-being of remote workers. Without depending on new materials that make our life easier, I tried to visually engage the audience by curating images and its message of having a creative mindset and building resilience amidst the global hardship.

The brand finds value in blurring out the distinction between work and living space in order to catch creative opportunities that open up in that new, flexible space. The natural blend between office and homeware objects embodies flexibility that opens up creative ways of living towards the new normal lifestyle.

For example, eating while working may no longer be equivalent to stress eating, and instead can be reinterpreted into an elegant break from work. The brand took a publication and website as a platform to display upbeat representations of the new era of remote work culture.

Eno Won

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Eno(She/her) is a graphic designer based in Vancouver, BC. She holds a bachelor's degree in Communication Design with a background in design thinking, visual identity, print, and art direction.