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Akivo is a movement to adapt the existing shopping experience into something more transparent. The goal is to enhance the shopping experience with features to bridge the gap between clothing creation to customers. A service designed to enhance the transparency provided by accompanied stores and brands.

This service creates opportunities for customers to practice transparency in partnership with the store/brand. The key feature of Akivo is the way in which customers can scan an accompanying barcode and follow the life cycle of the item. The goal is for customers to explore every item’s life cycle through the key feature and subconsciously gain a bias towards well made clothing whether it be in-store or online.

The promo video follow a customer through their journey of the Akivo experience.


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The goal of Akivo is to create conscious customers by making them aware of what is good in the clothing industry rather than bombarding them with what is bad. Customers want to feel good about their shopping choices so by exposing them to good brands and products they will instinctively know and make the better choice.

Traditional retail transparency usually display the place where its fabricated and what it is made out of but Akivo goes further back into the item’s life cycle because growing, yarning, weaving, dyeing, and all the other processes involved are just as important to the items story.


I’m glad that I got the opportunity to explore the clothing industry on a deeper level; something that I wouldn’t have done otherwise. There’s definitely more than can be included in the service but I think that the project is at a good middle point. Where all the key features are laid out and they relay the main message of the project.

The next steps are to do more research for the business side to fully understand what are the best solutions to onboard brands and stores. I hope to continue this project because I believe that it is beneficial for customers to know what they are wearing.

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Hi, my name is Albiato Bernal; I’m an interaction designer based in Vancouver, BC. I have a Bachelor of Design degree from Emily Carr University(Interaction Design Major) and also a diploma from Langara College in a multidisciplinary design program. I like using critical design thinking to tackle big concepts and break them down into tangible design solutions. I take inspiration from my interest in exploring different types of art, music and fashion because I find them to be the most expressive.
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