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My work is a direct response to living in a world that is struggling to survive. Using the printed multiple as an outlet, I explore the ways that human beings are entangled with the natural environment around us, and how our mortalities and survival are deeply interlaced and dependant on one another. Printmaking is an accessible and easily distributed medium that can be used as a bridge between art and activism to promote change through artistic interpretation. I create representations of the impermanence of human life as well as the mortality of the Earth itself, encouraging the viewer to position themselves in relation to the space around them and acknowledge their individual impact on the world. Often we treat natural environments as if we are separate from them, and through my practice I explore new ways of seeing myself in relation to that which is often perceived as the other. In the end we all return to the soil, so we must nourish and respect it in order to build a livable future for ourselves and for the world.