Cup Culture

Karsen Seel

A Proposal for Decentralized Coffee Consumption

Cup Culture is a decentralized platform, wherewith the use of an app, consumers can scan the product ID of a coffee they are interested in, learn about that coffee, where it comes from, and who makes it; as well as donate and support the farmers and farms that grew the beans.

This application also allows farmers an open platform to promote their companies, while creating digital projects that increase in value the more their coffee is purchased and saved. These projects would enable farmers to build out certain infrastructure and employee needs, where eventually, if previously at a disadvantaged place, would ideally be able to then acquire ethical and fair trade certification. 

Cup Culture would also allow users to save coffees they have scanned to their account, inherently creating a custom coffee pallet. This functionality would also allow the user to see a live map of the various areas near them, where the coffee they are interested in is sold. This would enable users to engage with their local coffee communities, rather than quickly purchasing a cup of coffee online, picking it up to go at a drive-through or walk-in. 

Cup Culture grows as a decentralized system, the more users scan and save coffee. Direct support and donations for farmers and wholesalers is an option, however, the overarching structure of the application and system, facilitate the opportunity for the distribution of coffee knowledge and culture to be visible globally. This will inherently enable farmers and their communities to embrace their traditions and independence, as the industry drives itself.

Cup Culture is not a brand, but instead a movement towards independent and sustainably run economies. 

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Karsen Seel is a graduating Interaction Designer, whose focus is on critical design, design research, and systems design. Karsen is fascinated with micro-interactions we make within a system and how they affect our macro experiences. Karsen is currently working as Junior UX Designer at Motion Metrics International in Vancouver, CA
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