FaerieTales: the Character Book

Jezebel Glass

For the longest time, I’ve wanted to create a handbook featuring fairytale-inspired versions of my friends. The FaerieTales character book functions as a paperback accompaniment for a hypothetical game (action RPG, “choose-your-own-adventure”, interactive story, etc.) in which the player can explore a whimsical world, meeting a series of fascinating allies and foes along the way. Unfortunately I’m not a game developer, but hey—a girl can dream.

Every page features a fusion of traditional and digital character illustrations in two distinct styles: a cinematic portrait (left) v.s. gameplay avatars (right). I’ve composed an original narrative and profile for each character which reflect the experiences of their real-world counterpart, intertwined with a “parallel” classical fairytale. The project demanded for an incredible amount of time and love (as well as sheer willpower in navigating Adobe InDesign, which I had very little experience with). Hopefully you may enjoy viewing the pages as much as I enjoyed creating them.

The character book is nowhere close to finished (and with the fact that I may continue featuring more and more friends as well as expanding the realm of FaerieTales, I doubt it ever will be). But that’s what makes things exciting—the idea that I’ll always have plenty more stories to tell.

Jezebel Glass

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A 5'4" pile of bones thriving on curiosity, relentless ambition and wishful thinking, Jezebel Glass tells fantastical stories through her use of intricate lines and colours (or just...words). When she's not draining her soul away in a basement studio, Jezebel can be found playing one of her musical instruments or deep-diving into all fashions of scientific topics like a sad, dedicated nerd. She also has a feisty pet bird.
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