My Mom is an Alien : Animated Short Film

Yejin Kim

Live event: ECU Best of Animation + Film showcase | May 26, 7:00 pm

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My Mom is an Alien


A young girl finds herself viewing her mother as an alien as she struggles to adjust to her new life away from their home country.

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Artist Statement

“My Mom is an Alien” is a short film about an immigrant family from Korea settling in Canada. The film features a mix of 2D and 3D animation— the 2D sequences representing the inner thoughts and memories of the main character, while the 3D sequences represent the present.

The story centers around Min, a teenage girl who struggles to fit in and accept the cultural differences between her and her school mates— while expressing her discomfort in sharing her mother’s Korean food.

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Yejin Kim

Director/ Storyboarding and Pre-vis/ Art direction/ 2D+ 3D Animation/ Character Modeling/ 2D compositing

Yeji Kang

3D Character Sculpting/ Environment Modeling/ 3D Look Development/ Lighting/ Compositing

Sound Design + Music Composition | Micah Meuleman

3D Animation Assistance | Jina Park

2D Background Art/ Prop Design | Ashley Kusumoto

Concept Art Assistance | Phoebe Zhong

Environment Design | Nachiket Kalbhande

Matte painting/ Concept art | Grace Wong

Special Thanks to:
  • John Li
  • Woonam Kim
  • Ian Woo
  • Jiwoon Kim
  • Chrissy Wang
  • Friends + Family
  • 3DAN Production Class
  • ECU animation techs + IT

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Award Recipient

  • The President’s Media Awards for Excellence – Best in 3D Computer Animation

Yejin Kim

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Yejin Kim is an animator and illustrator who explores visual language through mixing 2D and 3D animation. She likes to write stories that reflect moments of nostalgia captured in everyday life. As a Korean Canadian immigrant, she strives to connect with notions of displacement and alienism through her work.
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