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Otty is an interactive online playhouse that brings design-based learning to young households through approachable, exploratory activities, engaging children’s ability to face practical and creative challenges as they grow up.

Youth are creative in how they express themselves because they are inspired by new experiences everyday and question the most fundamental topics in life. Let them explore & experiment, for they may discover ideas in areas that were previously unexplored.
That is their superpower.

Who is Otty? Otty was named after a protocol codenamed Off to the Youth, working to help youth explore their untamed creativity through applied design thinking. Living on the internet, Otty gathers knowledge about the everyday world and matches them with learnable skills. Once they form into activities, Otty turns them into objects that decorate its home.

Core Principles

Each activity carefully considers a set of core principles and extended values that can be broken down by age – many of which reflect the standards set out in BC’s updated Curriculum and UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Ages 5-8

Designs grow out of natural curiosity.

Ages 9-10

Designs can be improved with prototyping and testing.

Ages 11-13

Design can be responsive to identified needs.

I Spy: Water & Electricity



Explore your home to find technologies that might be using more than it needs to. Then, put an end to it!

The Big Little Interior



Get to know your family who lives with you, and become the interior designer for your living room.

Redesign Your Wardrobe


1-2 hrs

Before throwing out t-shirts that might have some wear and tear, consider reinventing your style with a fresh design that turns them as good as new.

Along the Dotted Line



Take the time to brainstorm the ultimate signature that you can use to tell others: you mean business.

“Old” Water



Look for water that isn’t being used to its full potential so you can reuse it to water greenery around your home.

Activities are embedded within objects that decorate Otty’s home and animate when they are hovered to indicate that there is more to the object.

Clicking on animated objects gives you a preview of the activity. You then decide if you would like to expand it or continue exploring.

Steps are interpretive so that parents can create more personalized learning experiences, and tips can help move those activities forward.

The menu lets you view Otty’s home and all of the spaces ready to be explored from above. This is also where you can learn more about Otty and its home.

Otty’s Voice

Otty comes to life with its voice, narrated by artist Kevin Hackett. Its voice guides children through the activities in its home, giving Otty a distinct personality, allowing audio learners to have an easier time with instructions, and increasing accessibility among children. Play the clip to hear Otty narrate the introduction for the activity, Along the Dotted Line.

As new activities are created, Otty will have more objects to decorate its home – and as new categories are added, more spaces will be opened up for children to explore.
If you would like to learn more about the research and making of Otty, find the process documentation on my portfolio site.

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As a young creative, born and raised in Burnaby, BC, Jone is inspired by graphic media and its representation that surrounds the world, working in branding & identity, UX/UI, wayfinding, and publication design. In both design thinking and photography, Jone's passion lies in exploring how people discover through form and connect through experiences, hoping that his knowledge might help others live a greater life.
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