Searching For Existence

Helena Escauriaga

Live event: Premiere Screening | May 21, 7:00 pm

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Join us May 21 through 23 for the first three Premiere Screenings showcasing films created by students in the 2D + Experimental Animation, 3D Computer Animation and Film + Screen Arts Bachelor of Media Arts degree programs.

An Animated Short


Artist Statement

I enjoy delving into themes like loneliness and isolation as a way to narrate and explore my own personal experiences. I wanted to push my technical and storytelling skills by exploring more subtle acting, slower pacing, and emphasizing environmental ambiance. My desire to create this type of narrative comes from my discovery of old-school anime throughout last summer, and “Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind” and “Ghost in the Shell” heavily influenced my creative process. I hopes to achieve a film that makes the audience feel the main character’s experiences, and immerse them in this lonely world.



Special Thanks

  • Ling Wan – Inbetweener
  • Teodora Pencheva – Clean-Up Artist
  • James Huang – Background Design
  • Glen Gustard – Sound Design and Composition
  • Doug Paterson – Re-Mixer
  • Leslie Bishko
  • Lorelei Pepi
  • Darren Brereton
  • Martin Rose
  • My peers in 2DAN-410
  • My loving family and friends

Helena Escauriaga

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Helena is a Filipino-Canadian 2D animator, born and raised in Vancouver, BC. Often found reading comic books and playing video games not based in reality, she is influenced by the heroic, the adventurous, and the fantastical. Helena enjoys exploring the world as a traveller and exploring the worlds she will create as an artist. Her style transforms along with her subject matter, ranging from humorous cartoons, to stylized experimentation. With finally acquiring her Bachelor's degree, she plans to continue learning and growing in the realm of TV and Film and is interested in both traditional animation and storyboarding.
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