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Yu-Ting Yuyu Tse

LinShih Travel Guide presents a different way of interacting with the same environment by showing the daily life of an imaginary city, LinShih, as a reexamination of the seemingly mundane and repetitive everyday routine.

LinShih Travel Guide Display: please check it out at ECU campus from May 14 – 30!

Different Perspective

This is a travel guide for an imaginary city called LinShih.

It hopes to presents a different way of interacting with the same environment to the reader through magical realism.

LinShih is widely known for its extraordinary lifestyle that is slightly different from what we are living now. The unique and exciting experience is one of the main reasons that it is always the top choice for escaping mundane daily life. Some examples of the fun in LinShih are: having concert in a church, drinking beer from Beer Beach, working on a ferris wheel, etc.

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  • The final product of this project is a 68 pages travel guide that included:
  • Map
  • LinShih History
  • Local Culture
  • Commute Culture
  • Food and Drinks
  • Special Events
  • Recommended Shopping

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