Welcome to the world of Chowdown!

Rachel Liu

Join one prickly delivery-cat and his friends of mythological creatures in their daily lives working in a Chinese restaurant.

Chowdown is an exploration of Chinese culture and aesthetics in a cozy, urban setting. It is my way of reconnecting with my background and history as a Chinese-Canadian. By telling the story of mythological creatures that run a Chinese restaurant, I want to share a world that is familiar and comforting, yet charming and novel.

“Oh, are you new here?”

“Let me introduce myself.”

Characters of Chowdown

He’s a bit shy about his name so he gives you his nickname

“Now that you know about me, let me tell you about my friends”

Supporting Characters

“Now that you know about everyone, I’ll show you the cool places around town, lets go!”


The Crumbly Crow Bakery

“And… That’s everything! Hope to see you around in the future!”

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Rachel Liu

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A Digital Illustrator in mind and an Animator at heart, Rachel Liu is a Canadian artist from Surrey, British Columbia. She went to Emily Carr University of Art and Design to pursue a path of Illustration, but along the way she discovered her love for animation. She loves to pursue it whenever she can in between her illustration practice. She set out to create art with the intention of bringing joy to others through the medium of art just as they once did for her. She grew up adoring the fun and experiences that video games and animation brought to her as a child, they inspire and guide her artistic practice to this day. On a normal day you’ll find her listening to Rock and drawing at her computer, while having a warm cup of tea.
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