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Delaney Soumang

“I love seeing an artists progression, observing the encompassing creative paths of experience, which lead to the concepts and perspectives they offer. Since there is a generous gap between now and what would be considered my foundation years, this might be an interesting time to play along. Below you will find a few images from the last year I spent at ECUAD. These photographs explore aspects of time and depictions of perspective, while engaging in socially significant topics, or unique conversational concepts. I am drawn to the cinematic, performative and portrait, however beyond the aesthetics could be multiple combinations of thought. I won’t overwhelm the show with my archive, but I will post some earlier works on my other platforms. Starting May 15, if you are keen to dig…”

Composed, 2021

“The touches of imagination present within this series, serve as significant constructive steps towards future social works to come. These images were created through a combination of portraits and still life. A sample lightbox of Cogitation was recently exhibited for the ECUAD grad show. Ideally these images would all love to be in lightboxes to enhance the curious details and lighting.”

figure standing in front of a window, attending to a bonsai on a table, bright light coming through the window onto detailed surfaces of the room and surrounding walls
Cogitation, 35.5″x32.5″ Fir Lightbox, Composed, Delaney Soumang, 2021

Cogitation is a moment within an environment, dissociated from conscious thought, resting in association, contemplation, and the imagined. Through knowledge shared, or gained upon reflection of the scene, any immediate speculations the viewer had, might change. This image depicts contemplation, while also asking you to partake in it. This composed scene shares an intimate connection with nature, a sincere acknowledgement to the natural world.

Composed, observes the composure of oneself within internal moments, the photograph, and intimate connections with the natural world. These images contemplate space, perception or disregard, and connections.

Consternation, Composed, Delaney Soumang, 2021

Erratic Perspectives, 2020

I am one of many people immersed in the emotional states depicted within this series. The multiplicity of these scenes, suggestive combinations of the multi-dimensional experiences and perspectives of the everyday. The reciprocal narrative takes place in an East Vancouver neighbourhood, questionably occurring within a single moment.

Erratic Perspectives, 2020, www.delaneysoumang.com

A complex list of elements intended to appear within the constructed scenario, serve to increase the unpredictability of the images’ outcome. Photographing within the unpredictable position of chaotic results, using the realistic failures of expectation to produce erratic perspectives. Failure to achieve every aspect of the pre-determined construction elements thus co-existing with reality, while the perfection of these expectations, a hyperreality. The perceived pause in time, allows for the portrayal of these erratic perspectives to perceptually exist simultaneously, symbolizing the fractional depth of our existence within any reality.

Erratic Perspectives, 2020, www.delaneysoumang.com

In the presence of recent pandemic uncertainty, I found comfort in the erratic nature of reality, as it provokes individual inquiry, observation, and consideration. All of which exist at equally important extents within perspectives – With value and perhaps application leading to broader appreciation and understanding. Even as the photographer, I cannot not see everything within this scene; it is only through time and perpetuating perspectives that I understand more.

Erratic Perspectives, 2020, www.delaneysoumang.com

Award Recipient

  • Saralee James Memorial Award
  • The Chick Rice Award for Excellence in Photography

Delaney Soumang

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Delaney is an artist living in Vancouver BC, practicing mainly in photography. Her photographs aim to portray an appreciation for the reciprocal nature of perspectives, offering the viewer an opportunity to consider something within their significance. Often embedded within the performative or cinematic nature of these constructed scenes, are conduits of awareness, understanding, or contemplation. Perhaps asking the viewer to reflect on — what forms perspectives, how they might change, and how this knowledge relates to the version of ourselves we inhabit currently.
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