Alone in the woods

Flora So

2020, Archival Inkjet Print 

Have a safe journey until we meet again
This moment is all there is

In 2020, a lot of things have changed, including relationships we have with each other and with the world. My relationship with the outside world has changed drastically since the pandemic. I hardly engage with anyone or anything anymore. This project is a documentation of the current moment, as I fell theses benches are like stand in for us. We used to sit on benches, socialise with each other, now these places are vacant. All there is left are these benches alone in the woods. Each bench have corresponding views you see when you sit on the benches. The grouping of these photos have their own name. One called Have a safe journey until we meet again, and the other one is called This moment is all there is. These titles came from the plaques that are on the benches. I would like to share my experience with the viewers, maybe we are not so isolated and alone after all.

Stages of Grief

2021, Oil on Canvas

This project is called Stages of grief, ever since my best friend passed away I have been trying to understand the different emotions I have been experiencing. While I was getting therapy my therapist told me about the five stages of grief. Which is denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. For me, these emotions are experienced together, these feelings come in waves and are all tangled together. It is hard to sort out individual feelings, but I tried to covey each of these stages and my entire journey. 

Flora So

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Hi, I am Flora. I am an artist who works with painting and photography. In my painting practice, I create medium scale oil paintings with different shapes to express my mental state, and in my photo practice, I am exploring my personal relationship with the indoor and outdoor world. I also try to explore the relationship between painting and photography by combining the two together.
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