An Illustrated Guide on Galiano Island

Lauren Jock

This illustrated guidebook is inspired by Lauren’s favourite place on earth, Galiano Island. Lauren has been visiting Galiano ever since her family bought their cabin, eighteen years ago. Galiano is part of the Southern Gulf Islands located between Vancouver and Vancouver Island. The lush forests, beautiful ocean scenery, and vast wildlife have constantly inspired Lauren to illustrate every aspect of the island.

For the past two years, Lauren has been researching, brainstorming, sketching, writing, and creating the work for the first two chapters of her guidebook. Throughout her research, Lauren discovered that many guidebooks to islands and destinations only included writing and very minimal photography. From this discovery, she wanted to create a guidebook that represented the artist’s perspective as well as to allow viewers to absorb the essence of a place through imagery and illustration. Lauren plans to continue her project post-graduation and get the book published in the future. She hopes that her guidebook will bring great recognition to the beautiful island in hope that her viewers will one day give Galiano Island a visit.

Below are the first two chapters of her guidebook, An Illustrated Guide on Galiano Island.

Lauren Jock

Lauren Jock is an Illustration graduate from Emily Carr University of Art and Design where she completed her Bachelor's Degree in Fine Arts. Using pen and ink, she illustrates British Columbia’s natural scenery and wildlife; taking inspiration from her most treasured place Galiano Island. She also explores the importance of wildlife conservation in her work and takes interest in the protection and awareness of the endangered Southern Resident Orca Whales. Lauren’s studio is located in the comfort of her own home in Langley, British Columbia, where she lives with her two cats, Betty and Mabel. She loves going on outdoor adventures, skiing, hiking and eats way too much Thai food.
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