Jae Lew

Aporia is an experimental short film following a girl in the near future who rents out a portion of her brain to a data startup in order to pay her hydro bill.

7:09 Runtime. Shot in 2021 on 16mm film.

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Jae Lew

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Jae Lew is an media artist and filmmaker currently residing in so-called Vancouver, BC, Unceded Coast Salish Territories. I am interested in the intersections of technology and identity; how is the self and body changed by our daily interactions with digital technology. Ideology is integrated into these technologies, and through my work I explore how this can be disrupted through art. I work with a combination of media; electronics, 16mm film and installation. I envision alternative realities through the use of both physical and digital spaces, via the creation of objects, rooms, interactive games and film.