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Most of Vincent’s works are related to politics because he thinks art is the condensation and refinement of life. It should be beautiful and pure, with the personal inclination of the creator. Vincent’s work must be to show and extract what he thinks is valuable. And daily life is intrinsically tied to politics. The world itself is full of injustices and defects. The cracks caused by social tearing are where Vincent’s artistic inspiration begins to grow. Vincent’s artworks create a harmless space for different views and positions; he wants to inspire social individuals to reflect. Creating art should be accompanied by a sense of social responsibility. Although it may cause ideological collisions, There is an old saying in China: “Although the medicine is bitter, it is conducive to treating the disease. Faithful advice is often not like listening, but it is good for action.” After the work is released, it should trigger thinking before it can be regarded as qualified art.

Vincent’s visual design has a near-future 2D computer graphics style with false aesthetics. This corrupted but straightforward style itself reflects the current social issues and because only with the help of computer technology, in this way, can busy individuals stop in the fast-paced life to give this “useless” thing so called-art a precious little time. Therefore, all his works are interactive installation arts, turn social individuals from society’s productivity tools into an independent thinking audience, and find themselves within.

「Resonate 」

Digital Media, Interactive, Installation Arts



Digital Media, Interactive, Installation Arts


Vincent (Xuexian) Li

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Vincent is an NMSA student studying at Emily Carr University. During his four years at ECU, he explored and mastered the ability to create installation art. In November 2019, he made his first installation with Hanson Wang for a Core Media class on campus a combination of painting and sounds, the installation is called「SING AND SEE」]; in 2020 Vincent and Hanson co-produced another installation arts [MOSIEE]. Vincent's most recent work, 「Resonate」, was completed in April 2021. Compared to 「SING AND SEE」 and 「MOSIEE」, 「Resonate」 is more accomplished, refined and is created at a greater scale. Vincent‘s projects are New Media installation art based on projection technology and a self-designed program. The mutual reaction between sound and picture has always been Vincent's interest and the field he has been exploring. Through his artwork, Vincent discusses the idea of the relation between society and individuals and how the public should be more aware of independent thinking. Vincent has been committed to creating gallery-quality installation art on campus. Therefore he constantly raises his own standards to achieve higher requirements. Vincent’s artwork is designed to stimulate the mind and allows the audience to engage with his work.
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