Liv Murray

My project cloverfield is a series of three zines. It stemmed from a desire to deeper understand our relationships as humans with everyday objects through personal reflection and collective storytelling.

Each zine centres around objects in relation to another chosen topic: culture, time, and reflection. They consist of a combination of my own thoughts and research in the letter from the editor and photo essays. Following that are written submissions gathered from people around the world about the chosen topic. The combination of multiple perspectives and experiences was to encourage a deeper understanding and state of self reflection.


The first zine of the series was Objects of Culture, where I inquired into how culture is shaped and defined by objects and vice versa. For this zine, along with written submissions, I’ve also included photo submissions of traditional dress from around the world.


The second zine is centred around Objects of Time, where I examine how time lives in and changes objects, and how objects can become of our past, present, and future.


The final zine is called Objects of Reflection. I considered how objects represent and relate to our past.

Liv Murray

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Liv Murray is a young designer based outside of Vancouver, BC. She has a particular interest in publication and sustainable design.
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