Explorations into Comic-Making

Keenan Fonger

With an interest in comics and graphic novels, I focused my efforts on developing the skills necessary to create them. I first worked on experimenting with styles for line art and colouring (see gallery at the bottom). Once satisfied, I applied them to five separate comic shorts, refining the process with each subsequent piece.

I have a story and setting, of which these pieces are set, that I’m passionately excited about. With confidence and experience, I can move forward creating this whimsical world and transform it into a fully realized graphic novel.

Moths and Monsters
This was the last piece I worked on and the first spread (two-page comic) I made. It was the result of all the lessons learned from making the previous pieces. It is a story about stumbling across old and mysterious things.

By Keenan Fonger

Creating these shorts gave me experience with comic-making but also with storytelling. This is a story I enjoy fondly. It’s just about finding the perfect hat.

Faulty Machines
I wanted to try and use different techniques, paneling, and experimentations with each of these shorts. In this one, I delve into onomatopoeia as this poor mechanic gets injured on the job.

The Old Forest
Learning how to properly pace a page, specifically the writing, was an enjoyable part of the process.

This was the first page I made. It taught me many things about comics and was the first big step for me producing fully illustrated and written pages.

The nine images here are some of the explorations into styles and illustrative practices that I did prior to creating the comic shorts above. Because of these, I had a greater understanding of what I wanted a page to look like when I worked on the shorts.

The End?
These pieces were my first foray into comics. But they aren’t my last. I still have many stories to tell. If you’re interested in my work, please follow my links to see what I’m up to or to contact me directly.

Keenan Fonger

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Keenan Fonger is a Vancouver based digital illustrator and aspiring writer. He likes rock n’ roll and probably listens to it louder than he should (he’s also always looking for music recommendations if ever you see him). He reads books, mostly about magic, monsters, and to shake things up, history. He likes going to the movies and thinks the ones with lots of practical effects are pretty great. When he was young he drew and wrote stories about flying saucers, creatures with too many legs, and what it would be like to have superpowers. As an adult not much has changed, except he’s a lot better at the drawing and writing part.
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