New Adventures

Chaiwon Lee

What a Prehistoric View!

What a great view! Wait a sec- are we in the Dino era?!

A young girl finds herself venturing on top of a T-rex momma as she is dressed up in her dino onesie!

They look out to the view to see the vast landscape just ready to be explored.

Bobae’s Adventure Spreads

These are pieces of spreads taken from the children’s book I am in the process of making! It’s about my young niece Leah and her best friend, Bobae, her octopus stuffie she is acquainted with. Bobae and Leah goes to the beach, only to come across a shocking incident that changes Bobae’s life! What will happen between the friendship of Leah and Bobae, when he gets swept away by the waves?

What It Takes

This is a movie poster designed for my neighbor Uncle George, who meant a lot to me. He would go on walks with his black Labrador and brought a cheerful vibe. It’s a movie based on an Uncle named George who gives superpower abilities to neighborhood kids he observes to be good to take on the role as a hero.

Chaiwon Lee

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Chaiwon is a Korean-Canadian illustrator based in Vancouver, with a BFA in Illustration from Emily Carr University. With love and creativity, Chaiwon aims to create a world of wonderment and warmth through her child-like/bubbly illustrations. In the process of completing a children's storybook, Chaiwon aims to tell stories and open the world of imagination for the young at heart. Working primarily with digital platforms, whilst also seldomly dabbling with the traditional formats as well. When she is not found illustrating a piece, she can be found eating hotpot with her family and friends, gaming, or taking a nice nap.
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