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Huffing Puffing (呼哧) is a yoga-themed workout app designed to contribute to the well-being and feelings of community, play and connection, for people who are quarantined in a hotel during the pandemic.


The user can choose to confirm the check-in information entered in the system by entering his or her passport or resident ID number. If there are two occupants in a room, especially parents and children, parents can add additional user information by clicking on the plus icon. After the user sets up their nickname, the APP will remind them of the time they left the quarantine hotel and inform them of the quarantine time may be extended. This notification will prepare them in advance to prevent a massive disappointment. Using cartoon food as the user’s anonymous avatar echoes the Secret menu in this project.


The APP offers 14 days plan of tailor-made whole-body exercises for users with 12 yoga-based poses per day (each pose lasts 2.5mins), all strictly following the exercise logic. Each morning at 4 o’clock will unlock the exercise task for the day. When the isolation time is extended, the system will automatically display the extra days of exercise. At the same time, Other types/benefits provide targeted training for many different body parts.

Users can get bonuses (HP) based on the completion of the pose and training time.


If the user is not sure, the posture recognition technology can help recommend the suitable exercise based on where they just tapped.

Quarantine hotels have partnered with many sports brands to offer yoga essentials to the isolated population. Users can use HP bonus to rent small, easily recyclable and sterilizable exercise equipment from the hotel, to work with specific poses that require assistance.


Users can see information about the five rooms closest to them on the Neighbours map, and the rooms will be lit up on the map when a new resident moves in. Clicking on it will show basic information about the occupant and his/her favourite workouts and food. Users can choose to give their neighbours likes, HP bonuses and food.


Each user can use HP to exchange two food items per day (food ≠ main meal). The food will be delivered to the room with lunch or dinner to save the hotel staff’s labour. Users can choose the room number on the payment page and share food. Users need to spend HP to unlock different food on the Secret food menu, which can motivate them to exercise.


The maximum amount of exercise time for adults is 1½ hours a day. For adolescents and children, that is 2 hours, and 1 hour for those who over 65 years old. HP bonus will no longer be awarded for exercise after the prescribed exercise time.

The bonus and unlock progress bar will have a water ripple-like dynamic growth effect. The food user usually eat and the sports user usually does are included here, and you can click on them to jump to the corresponding interfaces.



If you would like to see more of Huffing Puffing APP, please watch this video:

Huffing Puffing Working Process

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Jingyi Yang is an industrial designer who graduated from Emily Carr University of Art&Design (ECUAD) in Vancouver, Canada. She specializes in wooden furniture and product design. She loves wood and ceramic products and spends time on those because they give people warmth and natural strength. Jingyi is inspired by paying attention to the details of life, and she enjoys the process of discovery, exploration and creation. Jingyi is interested in industrial design (including product and toy design), communication design and UI design. In 2019, Jingyi was involved in a collaboration with BoConcept (Denmark) and Forbo (Switzerland). She and her teammates, Queena Lyu and Emily Pan, designed and produced a cart for BoConcept that fits the brand's culture and aesthetic. In 2020 spring, Jingyi and her teammates, Ayako Takagi and Francine Fang, have cooperated with Tianjin Hongshan Furniture Co. in China. They created a new furniture style for the company. It is a collection of furniture for a small space. In 2021 spring, Jingyi has been offered a one-month internship in Tianjin Hongshan Furniture Co. for a design project.
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