Jar of Light

Lillia Lai


3D Animated Short Film

Project Information


  • Written, Produced and Directed by Lillia Lai
  • Music and Sound Effects by Tsuyushigure

Special Thanks

  • Rubén Möller
  • 3DAN class of 2021

Artist Statement

In our daily activities, sometimes we are suddenly reminded of someone because of an act, an object, or a place. When this happens, it is like we catch a firefly and then place it in the person’s jar in our heart. There is a jar for every loved one in our hearts.  We cope and come to peace with the person we miss by collecting these scattered moments and treasure them within our hearts.

Through the film Jar of Light, I hope to express my longing for my loved ones, and let them know this is how I hold them in my heart.

Lillia Lai

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Lillia was born in Taiwan and immigrated to Canada at the age of 14 along with her family. Throughout her childhood, Lillia has always been a big fan of Animation movies. Those 3D animated feature films’ moral messages have taught her important lessons in life. Which made her decided on her own career path really early on. Lillia’s dream is to be able to participate in the production of the films that can teach important life lessons to the audience that watches them, just like how she was influenced by the films she watched in her childhood. To pursue her dream, she studies 3d Animation major at Emily Carr University. Lillia is currently bettering her skills as a rigger in an animation studio in Taiwan.
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