Teenage Dream

Vanessa Zhan

Teenage Dream


During her senior prom, an awkward invisible teenage girl does whatever it takes to get her peers attention and finally become popular.

Artist Statement

I was inspired by mxmtoon’s music video Prom Dress, and the tragic story of someone reaching their dream but still being unhappy at the end. My goal for this film is to mix the genres of comedy and tragedy, where at first we are led to believe that getting what you want will solve your problem, but in the end it doesn’t. I chose to create this film using 2D animation because its potential is limitless, allowing me to create things that aren’t available in other artistic forms and other mediums.


Very old Animatic compared to finished film:

This is my third version of my animaitc
one of the finished shots
Turnaround sheet for Lily, the main character
Colour script 1
Colour script 2
How I kept track on what I have done in terms of animation
Using Modo, 3d software to understand perspective better

A different angle of the 3d model

Still Images


Directed and Produced by Vanessa Zhan

  • Music and Sound by Maggie Lu
  • Background artists:
    • Eileen Widjaja
    • Vy (Ferm) Le
    • Mattea Choi
  • Title Design by Jenna Lyn Gremio
  • Clean-up + Color Assistance:
    • Abigail Diantoro
    • Alayna Yan
    • Dana Lam
    • Rachel Liu
    • Shinyeong (Shin) Park
    • Christy Chan
    • Julia Both Marchizio
  1. Animation assistance by
    • Nastenka Alava Calle
    • Shinyeong (Shin) Park

  • Cast:
    • Lily – Jenna Li
    • Boy in Crowd – Darius Willis
    • Announcer – Vanessa Zhan

Additional Trailer

Vanessa Zhan

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Vanessa Zhan, born and raised in Canada, is a Vancouver-based 2D animator who directed the film Teenage Dream. As someone who took theatre courses in high school, Vanessa discovered the joy of being up on stage and making people laugh. As a result, she would always look for ways to include comedy within her animation. Vanessa graduated from Emily Carr University of Art + Design as a 2D-Experimental Animation major, and is looking forward to a career that blends storytelling and comedy within animation.
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