Destanie Clayton

blue northwest coast formline, abstracted eye
I dreamed of you.

Artist Statement

Northwest coast form line in abstraction creates an enigmatic translation of Indigenous cultural imagery and language. Transforming the narrative with a transforming design to exemplify the relationship of access and understanding to the cultural iconography. Embodying an impression rather than a concrete illustration. Imaging what is carried beyond the edge and investigating the elements which remain. The eye surrounded by split u-shapes. A fundamental shape which is used to carry and fuse others together. With specific focus on the sculptural elements, layering of and tone in blue.

Always in motion, moving through realms of the imagination, our minds landscape creation.

Dimensions: 68.25 x 53.5 inches / 5.7 x 4.5 feet. Medium: Acrylic on Stretched Canvas

KISWOKDIY NIIN (I dreamed of you)

Destanie Clayton

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Destanie Clayton is Nisga'a, Carrier (Saik'uz) and Cree First Nation. From the Gitlaxt'aamiks. Their family house is Wisin Xbil'tkw and tribe is Git'aast. Clayton is a visual artist who primarily works in painting and installation. Centering conversations of identity and relationship to the land within a settler-colonial state. Their focus is on creating an immersive space that reflects the landscapes of the west coast and the integration of northwest coast formline.
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