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Sitting on the floor culture is permeated into Asian culture. This is really normal to Korean and other Asians not only just sitting on the floor but also relevant to their other cultures. As a member of Asian, I hope that through my work, more people will experience other cultures in order to understand other race’s cultures.


Under the world is being an international, people are exposed to differnt culture in every moment. Understanding other’s cultures are the beginning point that people are able to live together. 

There are a lot of cultures that Asian countries have and I would like to introduce typical daily culture to Western people. Sitting culture is daily culture for Asian countries and I hope that the grad project would be a good opportunity to introduce new and different lifestyles to western people.

Especially, sitting culture is special for Korean because of ‘On-doll’ which is an indoor floor heating system in Korea. This system has been maintaining from the past to the present and keeps changing suitable for mundane lifestyle. The On-doll system is a unique point that distinguishes Korean sitting culture and Asian sitting culture.


All wood parts are made out of heat-treated wood which has strong waterproof and anti-bacteria. It also has a relatively low weight than normal wood. 

Stainless steel is composed of a pivot that is strong enough to support human weight when people lay down their backs. 

The cushion is made out of organic fabric which is for sustainability. 


560 (W) x 440 (D) x 500 (H) (mm) 

Components & Structure

structure view


Hyunjoon Lee

1992. 03. 04 +82) 010-2519-9679 Emily Carr University of Art & Design Industrial Design
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