Katharine Percy

A Drawing Board Built to Last.

With ‘working from home’ becoming the new normal, how can we provide adaptable work spaces for students? And how can we design a compact space that makes creative activities accessible, easy and fun? 

Jot is a portable drawing board that can be adjusted to the perfect angle and collapsed flat when not in use. It’s made with long-lasting, high quality birch plywood and without any plastic or toxic components. With rounded edges and soft corners, Jot is user friendly for a wide range of students, artists and young creatives.

Designed for Multimedia.

Jot can be used for a variety of different activities, including drawing, painting, writing, typing on a laptop and more. With a large, versatile surface, it can accommodate media up to 12 by 18 inches. Simply clip or tape on your material, or use the snap-on rail for extra support.

Find Your Perfect Angle.

Compact and lightweight, Jot can be picked up and used around the home. To set at the right drawing angle, use the handle to open the top while adjusting the arm as it locks in place.

Easy and Intuitive.

With rounded corners and no sharp edges, Jot is perfect for a wide range of students and young individuals. Use on a flat surface, on the floor, on your lap and even hang it on the wall when finished.

Extra Support.

An additional snap-on rail can be used to hold up heavier material such as small canvases. Alternatively, use the rail to prop up a drawing tablet or iPad.

Made with Care.

With layered alder veneer and high quality baltic birch plywood, Jot is durable and built to last. A bent laminated veneer base provides long-lasting strength and sturdiness. In addition, anti-slip patches on the bottom keep it securely in place while being used.

Katharine Percy

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Katharine is a multidisciplinary designer and artist with a focus on wood-based design, furniture and interior spaces. In addition, the majority of her projects involve 3D modelling and digital rendering, as well as designing for digital output methods such as CNC machining, 3D printing and laser cutting. Katharine has a passion for drawing and sketching, which can be seen in most of her work, as well as a commitment to refined technical practice and craftsmanship. Katharine believes in purposeful design that evokes emotional connection through the beautiful products and spaces that we interact with. She hopes to pursue a career in which she can effect meaningful, positive change through her design practice and artistic identity.
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