Marcus and Julia

Daniel Yoo


A devoted husband visits his wife who lives in another city and the two navigate the tension of growing apart.

Behind the Project

Marcus and Julia is a short narrative film in a dramatic genre telling a story about a drifting relationship. The film deals with two characters, specifically in a long distance relationship to enhance the idea of one not being up to date with the other. However, it still provides enough information for the audience to not venture out of the framework but lead them towards a conclusion and allow them to fill in the blanks for themselves. The story came about from people around me who had experienced a broken relationship and my intent was to combine all of the pieces of my observations and bring it to life through this film. The goal was to place the audience in my shoes, as a third person, and pose the question I had posed myself, “who do I side with?”. My inability to decide was what made the film ambiguous, and I enjoy drawing the audience into the same ambiguous personal space where things are difficult to resolve. The inability to completely side with one character is a part of the complex narrative space that I am interested in creating.



  • Marcus: Devon Eggers
  • Julia: Alejandra Chavarria


  • Director: Daniel Yoo
  • Director of Photography: Abraham Toledo
  • 1st Assistant Director: Darrien Scott
  • Camera Operator: Abraham Toledo
  • Assistant Camera: Farzana Yussuf
  • Gaffer: Darrien Scott
  • Art Direction: Daniel Yoo
  • Sound Mixer: Graham Connell
  • Boom Operator: Kevin Liu
  • Re-recording Mixer: Matt Stephanson
  • Music by: Derrick Mugenzi
  • Sound Design: Daniel Yoo
  • Colourist: Lunabelle Xia
  • Editor: Daniel Yoo
  • Writer and Producer: Daniel Yoo

Special Thanks to

  • Matt Stephanson
  • Carlito Ghioni
  • Lindsay McIntyre
  • Harry Killas
  • Tarique Qayumi

Artist Statement

Marcus and Julia depicts a relationship in which one partner feels bound to protect while the other feels held back. I believe when a relationship falls apart, our assumptions fill in the blanks and eventually clouds our vision, preventing us from understanding its decay. For me, film is a powerful medium, capable of exploring this kind of intricate storytelling without exposing every little detail to the audience. It parallels my beliefs on processing broken relationships with the audience having to assume and imagine their own interpretation of the story.

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Daniel Yoo is a Korean-American filmmaker based in Vancouver, BC. His focus on telling stories about extreme human emotions and relationships with different subjects has allowed him to create 3 narrative short films and 1 experimental film during his time at the Emily Carr University of Art + Design. Daniel’s filmmaking has evolved through an experimental practice into more narrative forms, continuing to develop his artistic expression in moving images.
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