Nicolas Orska

2021 | 9:03min | Short Film | Narrative | Sci-Fi


A man becomes possessed by an external force he can’t confront. 

Artist’s Statement

Marionettes was a way to explore the entanglement between the real and the fantastic – the power dynamic between our inner world and the world that encompasses us on the outside – seen through the lens of a virtual reality that seems to permeate our lives more and more as we delve without return into the digital landscape.

Cast & Crew

The Marionette – Josh Cameron

The Writer – Patricio Fabian Mendoza

The Server – Emma Newton

Written, Directed & Edited by Nicolas Orska

Produced by Theodore Khouri

Cinematography by Luis Miguel Villarreal

Assistant Camera & Gaffer – Patricio Cartas

Sound Recordist – Oscar Flores

Sound Mixer – Shreyas Swaminathan

Re-recording sound mix at Big World Sound by Doug Patterson

Music by Mistress Fannypack, Johann Sebastian Bach & Jammy Jams

Nicolas Orska

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Nicolas Orska is an Ecuadorean filmmaker based in Vancouver, BC. His work as a director and editor within independent productions ranges widely from video art to narrative film.
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