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Having been someone who has seen the scale of this problem so close by, I wanted to develop it into something that I truly believe will fulfill the needs of many people, including my parents who also struggle with complex medical language living away from home.

I enjoyed the design process and seeing it come to life with the contribution of many great people. It’s fascinating how It started off by just imagining what it would be like, to now having it be presented into an idea that possibly has potential in being purposeful in the world.

I’d like to thank those who made this project possible and hope to continue to develop this project into something much more meaningful.

Honourable Mention

  • ECU Health Design Award for Innovation

Diane Shin

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I am an interdisciplinary designer trained in Interaction Design at Emily Carr University. I find designing for experiences fascinating because of the ability it has to do good in the world. The awareness that every design decision can influence human action and behaviour, motivates me to become a research-driven UX designer. In this career path, I hope to contribute to building smart and user-focused solutions, so we can all live along with products that have a healthier long-term value.
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