Echo : Journaling with Sound

Elicia Han

Sound triggered deeply held emotions, yet it is in the background and often taken granted. Can we try to close our eyes and retain the memories with our ears?


Echo is a sound journaling app that aims to transform our life into a collection of personalized soundtracks. The goal is to encourage users to take sound as a formant of journaling and document daily moments to reflect and treasure. Maybe you are a mom who whats to document your baby’s growth. A traveler who whats to memorize your journey along with your adventures. Or a student who wants to treasure your daily moments. Echo will guide you to start celebrating the sound around you.

Timeline / Roles

  • Timeline:  1 year
  • My Role:  User Researcher / User Experience Designer / User Interface Designer
  • Primary Users: Anyone who is interested in mindfulness and wants to keep the memories in a different form

Concept Video

Core Values

How does it work?

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Elicia Han

Elicia is a Vancouver based interaction designer. She hope to use her diverse design abilities to create visually pleasing and friendly user experiences that make technology more approachable for people. Elicia enjoys finding out the most fluent user interaction and develop design strategies through constant prototyping and user testing. She hopes to offer her design thinking skills and gain experiences through trial and error by learning flexibility and responsibility. Visit Elicia's portfolio site:
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