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Live event: ECUAD Animation Screenings 2021 | May 21, 7:00 pm

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May 21 - 7pm | 2D + Experimental Animation Premiere Screening

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Based on a Persian Folktale

  • Title: Nokhodi
  • Director: Marzieh Sadeghi
  • Year Completed: 2021
  • Country of production: Canada
  • Media: 2D Digital Animation
  • Film genre: Folktale

Film Synopsis:

A chickpea named Nokhodi comes to life fulfilling a lonely woman’s wish and pursues an adventure that ends oppression in their land.

Colour Script:

Film Stills:

Film Credits:

  • Director, Marzieh Sadeghi
  • Music Composer & Sound Designer, Ahmad Mohamadian
  • Vocal Actors, Kyle Rideout, Rogin Rashidan, Farnaz Ohadi
  • Animation, Marzieh Sadeghi, Tatiana Plyasova
  • Layout Designer, Marzieh Sadeghi
  • Background Colourist, Shohreh Shirzadi, Marzieh Sadeghi
  • Clean-up & Colour, Marzieh Sadeghi, Tatiana Plyasova, Liliya Eruysal, Andrea Chiang, Cameron Kletke

Special Thanks:

  • Lorelei Pepi
  • Leslie Bishko
  • My Family and Friends

Pre-Production, Character Design:

Artist’s Statement:

Since childhood, my hand has always held a pencil, endlessly putting to paper the characters and images that race through my imagination. Through the years, as my creativity and artistic skills developed, I longed to use movement to bring my art to life and so turned my attention to 2D animation. Since Persian folktales were the original birthplace of my childhood fantasies, I have decided to create a film about one of my favourite characters, a Persian folk hero named Nokhodi.

Marzieh Sadeghi

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Marzieh Sadeghi grew up in Iran before moving to Vancouver, Canada to attend Emily Carr University of Art and Design. She recently graduated with a Bachelor of Media Arts in 2D + Experimental Animation. Marzieh has been interested in fantasy storytelling since she was a child and now looks forward to sharing her stories with others in the form of interactive digital storybooks.
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