Finding Mona Lisa

Xinyi Luo

Finding Mona Lisa is a film that talks about a girl trying to find the missing Mona Lisa in her dream. She went through a lot of different places, had a lot of experience, and finally, she reaches the truth.

Artists Statement:

I have always loved creating story-driven animation, but this time I wanted to take a risk and try something more stream-of-conscious. This way of working and type of story was new to me. To prepare, I collected my own dreams, and reformed them into what became “Finding Mona Lisa”. It alludes to the idea that sin cannot truly be erased from one’s own mind. Guilt will always be haunting you.

Xinyi Luo

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Hi, I'm Xinyi Luo, I prefer to be called Cynthia. I finished studying 2D Animation at Emily Carr University of Art+ Design and I am willing to work in this major. I was born and raised in China. Having studied various forms of art, I decided to pursue my interest in animation. I found storytelling through animation is a really interesting and exciting challenge for me. Using different angles, forms, styles to create a good story that everyone can enjoy.
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