Pieces Of A Whole

Rachel Adair

We Aren’t Told the Same History Evenly

This is the Indigenous History I am left With

Artists Statement

We aren’t told the same history evenly, Indigenous culture is being forgotten. To the best of my ability, I aim to memorialize what we have left cataloged in a visual way in an attempt to connect back to my family roots. As much as my elders have done for me I’m hoping to tell a story passing knowledge down as my family has done before me through articles, recordings, saved imagery, and rummaging through old possessions. Nothing is in order, but lasting through the Indigenous cultural genocide in Canada these are the bits and pieces I can attempt to reclaim and preserve in some memory.

Problem Space

Many Indigenous peoples’ memories and histories, including my own. Have been hindered due to residential schooling in Canada. Most Native history traditionally passed down through oral culture. Whole languages and ways of being have been lost. And in general, audiences lack overall knowledge and understanding of Native cultures and traditions in Canada.

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Rachel Adair

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Rachel Is a 23-year-old Graphic Designer In Vancouver. Passionate about visual aesthetics, illustration, music, and digital photo manipulation.
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