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Portal Bound is a digital festival experience. Centering around a website, participants can learn about the unique world of Xavios-9QC and watch the festival right from home.

The discovery and creation of Portal Bound is narrated through a comic before entering the site. Scrolling through it are the illustrated scenarios and give an outlook on how it all came to be.
The festival is split into two days, Saturday and Sunday. The full lineup can be found on the website with each planet they will be hosted on.

Hand drawn scenes to create an understanding to the festival stages and scenes. The scenes reflect the terrain on their respective planets.

The website contains all the parts of the experience: the home page, universe, lineup and poster, before take off information and the comic.

The home page draws in the viewer, highlighting and introducing the event and the logistics of its happening.

The universe is an interactive map of the exo-planets on Volero. Information and details about the planets inform the user about things such as the climate and environment before landing.

Before Take off is an informational or question site meant to answer any questions about Portal Bound and the logistics of attending.

Users can find their favorite artist’s set and see which day and planet they will be performing on. The poster can also be found here.

For users at home, the livestream page is where users can view the videos from each planet and the musical sets performing at that specific time.

Jessica Li

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Hey there, I'm a versatile graphic designer, photographer, and illustrator with expertise in web content and communicating information. I have extensive knowledge of various mediums and adobe programs. Besides the basics, I'm a people person! I love chatting and talking about all things design-related. Please reach out, whether you're an employer or someone from Emily Carr.
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