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Vanessa Montoya Fendt


The lack of opportunities for emerging musicians to make a sustainable income has always been an issue. Streaming and increased digital connectivity have accustomed listeners to discover music digitally. But nothing replaces the live music experience for fans or musicians. Live shows generate exciting and lasting impressions on fans while remaining a larger revenue stream compared to digital streaming. Now more than ever, musicians need innovative & empowering tools that allow them to perform while building and maintaining a fanbase.

“The industry is changing, there’s an opportunity to bring on the next thing that is live music.”

– Kane Enders, Written Years
Co-creation workshop with music fans

Changing the industry with

Tunefull allows fans to engage with their local music scene by mapping out performance events musicians have created, including gigs at restaurants, parks, backyards, private residences – anywhere a musician wants to put on a show, for any price.

Discover new music now with spontaneous lineups

By answering a few simple questions fans can create a performance lineup to go to right away, and discover musicians in a way that creates lasting impressions.

Explore live shows your way

Not feeling spontaneous? Filter and plan what shows to see through our database of local performances, based on date, price, genre, mood and venue type.

Detailed performance info & profiles

Musicians provide all the basics about their performances, including photos of the venue to entice fans to explore unconventional spaces. Musician profiles showcase live recordings for fans to get a feel for their style.

Musician-led pricing

Some performances are just about playing and growing a musician’s fanbase, others are about making a living — shows can be free, ticketed or pay-what-you-can to reach a crowd-funded goal set by the musician.


We spent 6 months trying to understand the impacts of the pandemic, streaming services, and social media on the music industry. We spoke to musicians, artist managers, recording studios, art directors, festival sponsorship consultants, booking managers, and everyday people we included in participatory design activities to re-imagine the future of live music. By learning about the pain points fans, musicians, and the industry face, we identified an opportunity to generate more meaningful connections in the live music scene, which would allow musicians to make fair earnings while building a dedicated fanbase.


At its core, Tunefull is a tool for musicians to own their industry and embrace the human aspect of music. In an industry where streaming services and social media have challenged musicians to market themselves at little profit, we want to empower musicians with tools that can shift this standard. When we set out to develop the brand, we reflected upon key values that we wanted to represent in the visual identity.

Using a grid system

Being a company that recognizes the need for innovation in the industry, a static identity didn’t seem appropriate. Instead the identity is dynamic, composed of a family of twenty-six icons which represent the twenty-six different genres that we currently recognize. The icons were created using the same base grid and geometric shapes as a structure, which allows us to make more as needed. This way the brand changes and grows with the industry.

The interconnection of shapes represents the relationship between different genres and the connections Tunefull facilitates between musicians and their fans.

Dynamic logo

The base grid allows us to dynamically morph unique shapes into each other, further highlighting the ability to grow & innovate that Tunefull values at its core. Our wordmark easily pairs with any of these shapes while static. When viewed digitally, these shapes can morph together, creating playful loading animations that enhance the digital experience.

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Visual & Product Designer, Vanessa Montoya Fendt, started her career working at a Berlin-based agency, Edenspiekermann, where she developed a passion for digital innovation. She started this project with Interaction Designer, Cassandra Grdovic. The two began their creative partnership working for a Vancouver-based startup together in 2020. Their complementary skill sets and collaborative workflow prompted the pair to use this opportunity to create a product of their own. Vanessa is currently seeking out funding opportunities to make Tunefull a reality while pursuing her Master's in Business, Entrepreneurship & Technology at the University of Waterloo.
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