Reef Life

Jialin Meng


An immersive private space with aquarium. Here to rest, to observe, to meditate.

Aquarium Therapy:

Fish tanks are a great way to provide natural sounds that crreate a tranquil atomopshere to help people relieve stress and anxiety. I hope to give people an immersive experience, simulating a public aquarium.

In a public enviroment

A fish tank was recently built in my place, and I feel a sense of relaxation and comfort when facing the view. This makes me connect the feeling with my experience after meditating, I found that when facing marine life also eliminates my negative emotions and anxiety, which functioned similarly to a meditation prop.

So I researched deeply and found that fish tanks are a great way to provide natural sounds that create a tranquil atmosphere to help people fall asleep. There are a variety of fish supplies and aquarium supplies that enable fish keepers to provide their fish with a stimulating living environment while also promoting stress and anxiety relief.

Companion animal guardianship has been linked with improved physical and psychological outcomes, including lower blood pressure reduced loneliness, and increased emotional support during a mental health crisis.

Fish tanks
Reef Life

Jialin Meng

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Industrial designer, cat lover, motorcycle rider, concept artist.