SOLD (2021)

Daisy Huang & Scarlett Zhou

Sold (2021)
3D computer animation
Duration/TRT: 2m 00s


  • Story – Daisy Huang
  • Layout Daisy Huang
  • Edit – Daisy Huang
  • Rigging – Daisy Huang
  • Animation – Daisy Huang
  • Modeling – Scarlett Zhou
  • Texturing Scarlett Zhou
  • Lookdev Scarlett Zhou
  • Lighting – Scarlett Zhou
  • Compositing – Scarlett Zhou
  • Music Composer – Yu Liu


  • Rigging – W Chung
  • Animation Dieu Linh
  • Modeling – Yuxin Liu

Special Thanks

  • Woonam Kim
  • John Li
  • Chrissy Wang
  • Israel Yang
  • Lan Woo
  • Jiwoon Kim

Artists Statement

Our project is a 3D cartoon comedy film that focuses on the impact of capitalism on the art market depicted in an entertaining way. Under the influence of capitalism, art work is constantly being defined, labeled and measured by market value. Individual values are often disregarded and replaced. These values given by the market can sometimes be enhanced through certain approaches, but most of the time it is invariable and unpredictable.

We would like to depict this rather pessimistic phenomenon with this joyful short animation, hopefully to inspire reflection on the relationship between art and commerce.

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