Stars Falling In Every Corner

Joline Chien

“Stars Falling In Every Corner” is a series of illustrations based on the theme “stars.” In each illustration depicts a whimsical and magical world where stars and people interact. The intention of this project is to create an illustration that provides a dreamy atmosphere so the viewers can be warmed and healed when seeing the works.


1. The Escaping Star (2021)

There was a library full of magical books, and as always, there was a boy trying to capture the little star.

The Escaping Star (2021)


2. Grandma Knitting For The Stars (2021)

Under a giant red tree, it is a good spot for the lovely grandma to knit scarves for the little stars.

Grandma Knitting For The Stars (2021)


3. A Starry Night (2021)

A night with only stars.

A Starry Night (2021)


4. Where In The Jungle (2021)

A little star guiding us into the jungle.


5. Take Me To The Moon (2021)

A whale taking the little princess to the moon.

Take Me To The Moon (2021)


6. A Raining Day With Stars

It’s raining and stars are falling.

A Raining Day With Stars


About the artist

Joline Chien is a Canada-based illustrator from Taiwan, graduated from the Emily Carr University of Art+Design. She provides illustrations for children’s books, editorial, packaging, and advertisement. Most of her works are digital illustrations done in Procreate with iPad Pro and pencil.

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Joline Chien

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