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Irene He

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Potatonuggies is a brand that exemplifies the importance of mental health, body positivity, love, and compassion. 

It provides a sense of affirmation, security, and warmth that are expressed by the main characters: Big Nug and Smol Nug.

Each comic is intended to exude happiness and self-love; its purpose is to serve the reader (a.k.a. you) with the acknowledgment that they are a significant being in the world and they deserve to be loved right.



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Irene He

Hello! ☺ My name is Irene, and I'm the creator of potatonuggies ©. I am a small Chinese-born-Canadian who is sadly under 5ft (but most people think I am 5ft tall). I've always had a passion for illustration and creating comic-based artworks. It's been a tough yet amazing journey so far and I am forever grateful to those who continue to support me. Anywho, thanks for reading this boring bio about me, have a fantastic day being the awesome you that you are! ♡
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