Surreal Forms; Alebrijes

Irma Schiele

The project titled Surreal Forms ; Alebrijes by Irma Schiele is an ongoing series of oil paintings inspired by Mexico’s traditional alebrije sculptures, utilizing non-human animals, pattern and repetition, this ongoing project explores a personal experience and interpretation of culture, heritage and natural surroundings.

​Giraffes; Oil on stretched canvas ( 55″ x 36″ )

Sea Horses; Oil & saw dust on stretched canvas ( 55″ x 36 “)

Chameleon; Oil on stretched canvas (55″ x 36″)

Irma Schiele

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Born in Mexico City Irma Schiele is a Vancouver resident working under the traditional, ancestral, and unseeded territory of the Squamish, Musqueam, and Tsleil-Waututh Nations with a focus for drawing and painting. While primarily using oil paint on canvas & wood panel, Irma's practice explores pattern, form, non-human animals, repetition and culture through inspiration found in traditional Mexican sculptures and kitsch art.
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