Talia Malkowich

Artist Statement

Talia Malkowich is a 22 year old artist currently working out of her hometown in Pemberton, BC. Throughout the last few years she has been deeply interested in representing the mundane elements of her immediate surroundings. However, recently she has switched her focus from depicting aspects of her daily life to experimenting with colour and different techniques to refine abstraction without physical references within her painting practice.

Mundane Home – 2019

Distorted – 2020

Unrestricted – 2021

The unrestricted series represents letting go of structure and planning within the painting process. This idea develops throughout each painting as Talia pushes herself to experiment and have fun with the paint, releasing any judgement or expectations she has set for herself throughout her previous painting styles.

Acrylic paint on canvas
The First One
Acrylic paint, ink & airbrush on canvas
The Green One
Acrylic paint, ink & airbrush on canvas
The Purple One
Acrylic paint, ink & airbrush on canvas
The Bright One
Acrylic paint & ink on canvas

Talia Malkowich

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