Haneul Beom(Isabella Beom)


exhibit!on is a mobile virtual reality exhibition application provide interactive and immersive opportunities to the audience. This application introduces potential of Virtual Reality(VR) and displaying art in a new way to continue engaging in art.

Project Goal

Virtual Reality introduces a new way of display art to feel like not only virtually present at the gallery but also involve the pieces.

Thesis Statement

Using the advantage of technology to make a new form of exhibition to continue engaging in art to enrich one’s experience through interactive and immersive opportunity.

“Everything you can imagine is real”

-Pablo Picasso-

Problem Space

Travel is very limited due to Covid-19 crisis. Most people feel isolated the way I feel. It gets much harder for people who prefer outdoor activities. Outdoor activities are limited not only in our current crisis. I really enjoy exploring and going to other countries however, time is limited. I hope people have access wherever and whenever without travel limitations. 

Also, I think we need new approaches to curating. Display and presentation of art can be improved with the dynamic nature of media in Museums, galleries and exhibitions. During the process, I like to explore lots of existing exhibition websites or applications and their curatorial practice in between preserving the past curating and challenging new curating. Also, the importance of exhibitions and history of curatorial practices have changed. I want to investigate virtual reality as a new medium and possible ways of displaying and explaining arts in a new way.


I choose to use technology as an advantage to make our lives easier. We interact with technologies everyday. Since smartphones came out, people have access to the internet easily. It makes our life simple and comfortable. Also, it brings more joy and entertainment in our life. Technology becomes part of our everyday life. Technology is already used in many different fields for various purposes. For my project, I would like users to feel a new experience with VR as a new medium. It is not a common technology yet like mobile devices however, it totally has potential to become everyday objects. Virtual Reality will provide a special opportunity for the audience with new presentations of artworks.

Typefaces & Colours

Main features

Clickable prototype

<iframe width=”414” height=”896” src=”https://xd.adobe.com/embed/6a01a120-645a-4da3-a91e-5d456ad5b43c-3f52/” frameborder=”0” allowfullscreen></iframe>

Virtual Reality Part

Haneul Beom(Isabella Beom)

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Hello! I am a visual designer who likes to paint the world with my colours. And I can be any colours. If you would like to see my colours or paint the colours together, contact me please!
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