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Live event: Film Screening | May 21, 7:00 pm

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2D and Experimental Animation Grad Films Screening

In Malawi, baskets, furniture and other tools were woven with bamboo, blue gum, rattan and mulaza leaves (a type of palm) before most of the population switched to using plastic. These traditions are preserved through trade. I interviewed artisans in Lirangwe through People of the Sun- a company who facilitates international trade and offers equal opportunities to men and women. I focused on the women’s voices, with an audio developed around them. The 2D digital rotoscoped animation of the women and the “weaver” birds who build intricate, tunneling nests in the trees above them are abstract interpretations of the experience.

Voices- Innocent  Nyambalo Rosemary Davis, Harry, Enifa, Edina, Ellen Pilirani, Hendrina, Weavers Anonymous 
Sound Mix- Doug Patterson

Leoni Paul

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Leoni (Leo) Paul is a Malawian animation filmmaker. Her film Weavers (2021) explores weaving practices and fair trade in Malawi. Leo worked as a character designer and animator on Camouflage (2021) which will premiere at the Imagine Film Festival Amsterdam, and as a compositor on Spirit Bear and Children Make History (2020) which premiered at Vancouver International Film Festival. She is currently VFX Supervisor for the upcoming Spirit Bear sequel at Spotted Fawn Productions. She has received several awards, including the Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award, the Emily Carr University of Art + Design Entrance Scholarship and the Christopher Foundation Scholarship.
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