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Chaeyeon Lee

Artist Statement

My art is still on a journey. I’m not sure I can call myself an artist or not, but I just want to communicate with people who like my artworks. I love to draw simple , humorous, poetic drawings. Also, I like to hear people’s life story and their emotional moments. It inspires me a lot. In the future, I want to be an artist who can bring joy to people and who can make a better world.

Janghwa Hongryeon Project

Acrylic, pen


This is a children’s book project that I recreates the Korean folktale “Janghwa Hongryeon” in my style. The original Janghwa Hongryeon is a story about two daughters who were abused by their stepmother. They killed themselves and became ghosts and got revenge on their stepmother. My Janghwa Hongryeon story is almost identical to the original, but I wanted to focus on child abuse rather than revenge.

Penguin and Me



This is a children’s book that shows children’s innocence with the relationship between child and her penguin doll. To summarize the story, one little girl got a penguin doll in Christmas and few years later, her mother threw away the penguin doll that the little girl cherishes, however the penguin appeared in her dream and the penguin and the girl went on an adventure together.

Korean folktales project

Collage, Digital


In this project, I tried to draw several Korean folktales in short comics.

#1 Green Frog

#2 The Rabbit’s Liver

#3 The Three Questions

Chaeyeon Lee

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