The Chapter 1: The Arrival

Sarah He

A frustrating journey that is finally coming to an end, so far this project has been an absolutely dry process to endure. It’s the accumulated work that I had made for about the past year or so. It contains an on-going narrative that has been piled on top of one another for several years now. And now I get to see how everything looks tied together. Now I won’t take up too much of your time with a boring intro. I will bid you a good day. I hope you enjoy my last project here in Emily Carr

Is this all just a dream?

Following the path of three individuals this story takes place between two worlds. We question to ourselves what happens when we blur the space between reality and dreams. Which one is “real” and when does it stop becoming a “dream” to us?

While dealing with college and her job, Ki tackles on a new challenge when unusual dreams start popping up

Socializing on the fly Ki often goes out of her way to start up a conversation with anyone. Contrary to her personality she holds a pessimistic view to everyone around her. She is quite secretive and can be seen telling lies to slip out of whatever question the other is asking of. 
Living a mundane life, Fae’s daily routine gets interrupted when she discovers a whole new world through her dreams 

Not much of a talker Fae usually has a particular outlook to her making it hard for others to approach her. Contrary to her demeanor she is a complete softie especially towards animals and children.

Ever since she had lost her dad’s journal Sol takes on an eternal journal travelling far away from her tiny cabin house. To her surprise on her trip she manages to stumble into the modern city. Confused, Sol has to find a way back home to continue finding her dad’s journal. 

The Falls

“she drifts off to sleep, settling in for the night. Suddenly she wakes up to the currents pushing her underneath a roaring waterfall.”

With a large cascading waterfall and plants in an enclosed vin-city isolated in its space. The mist settles to the bottom creating a cloud of vapour covering the land below with droplets of water. Beneath the falls lie rough currents crashing onto the rocks and in turn disturbing the land around it. This little ecosystem thrives on its own creating a space that none can imagine. Various plants of all shapes and sizes mesh into one another crowding into the nooks and crannies of the wall. 

Older versions from previous attempts

Ki’s Room

Hours of Operation: 12am-6am

Mostly a nocturnal person Ki’s life is centred around the night. You find her running to her classes or job during the night or sleeping away during the day. With most days running late into the early mornings Ki usually doesn’t have time for anything else leaving her apartment in a total wreck most of the time. 

Located deep inside the city is a small apartment room with basic utilities. Half of the space occupied by the loft bed, the other occupied by miscellaneous heaps of clothes.The kitchen pushed off to the side, with dishes piled high in the sink. This apartment lives and breathes in its own filth.

Assets created within blender and procreate

Luminor Lake

“to thank the tree the man left a lantern so the tree would no longer be alone”

Surrounded by a body of crystal clear water a tree stands proudly in the middle of the lake. Its roots overgrown reaching the edges of the lake and bark telling the age of the tree. Multiple lanterns  scattered across the lake softening the harsh shadows from the moon. Legends say one day during a heavy storm a man decided to hide underneath the old tree for shelter. Before leaving he wanted to give something back to the tree. Searching through his bag the particular man made a paper lantern so the tree wouldn’t be alone anymore. Years passed and the multiple lanterns have been added to the lake. Every now and then someone will come to light them up to give the tree a warm friend once more.

Exploring different types of laterns to later add to the final piece


“It’s been a long time since she came back home”

Home to mountains and green hills, the valley is a place where peace and quietness coexists with one another. Various animals come to visit the land taking advantage of the warm sun and small ponds created by passing rainstorms. Sometimes you get to witness a herd of bisons nearby basking in the sun. Standing off to the side is an old cabin with weeds growing up the front porch. It looks to be not in use for some time with a fine layer of dust covering the windows. On the rare occasion dark clouds can come rolling into the valley casting half of the land in its shadow. 

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Sarah He is an illustrator and environmental concept artist. While Sarah enjoys creating mixed media illustrations she sometimes enjoys dabbling a little bit into digital art. She enjoys creating various landscapes which expand into a bigger narrative. Sarah also enjoys illustrating pieces which contribute to her fictional universe, which she hopes to one day fully develop into an immersive story experience for her audience. When she’s not illustrating you can see her catching up on some vitamin D with some impromptu naps.
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