Work and Purr

Suzanna Wu


With the change of times, the role of pets has gradually changed from caregiver to family member, bringing companionship and joy to their owners. As the pressure of living in a fast-paced city increases, more people are experiencing anxiety and have a strong need to deal with loneliness.
A highly interactive pet becomes their emotional and spiritual support. As people’s lives and pets are intertwined, there is an increasing demand for a sharable design that accommodates their emotional and physical needs.


The project aims to design a set of furniture where the object can promote the inter-relationship between people and cats while offering a comfortable environment for cat owners to work and enjoy their cats’ companionship.

Design Challenges

  • The project is designed for people and their cats living in the urban environment
  • The challenges are to accommodate different lifestyles and interests between both user groups


Taking into consideration feline behaviours, the Work and Purr contains a multi-story feline playground that will satisfy the cat’s jumping, scratching and nesting needs while offering working and storage space for their owners.
Project Video
Not just a minimalistic human work station, but also a multi-story feline playground

Suzanna Wu

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Suzanna is regularly inspired by the artistic aspects of nature, and she often incorporates such inspiration into her works. She strives to put sustainable and ecological thinking on the forefront of her designs so that society can move towards more sustainable models of living. She is also determined to leverage her experience in a variety of fields, such as 3D modelling and ceramics, to make homes a place of more freedom and interaction.