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YARR! is the concept for a kids cartoon show I came up with which is about a group of goofy pirates and their fun adventures at sea. The purpose of this project was to see whether I could create a set of characters and put them in a believable fictional world by drawing nautical-themed props and backgrounds. The following images are illustrations of the props, backgrounds, and characters that I have created for this hypothetical show.


Below are a set of fictional props I imagine my characters interact with on their pirate ship while they’re having fun at sea. These props range from furniture and vehicle ideation, to random objects you’d find in certain settings, to the types of plants you’d find on a deserted island, each with some kind of topical or pirate theme in mind.


Now, what kind of locations would my pirates hang around at? Well, the first is probably the Kitchen, a space where the Chef of the crew cooks food for everyone and has fun experimenting with the fresh animals they catch from the ocean. The second is the view from a tropical island the crew happen to stumble upon. And the third is the Captain’s cabin, filled with random trinkets and knick-knacks the crew has collected while adventuring.


And the crew. Although most pirate ships would require at least a dozen people to get things working smoothly, my ragtag team of pirates consists of just these four characters. With this team, I played around with facial and body expressions, costume designs, and character turnarounds.

Lily Tulett

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Lily is a Japanese-Canadian illustrator from Yokohama, Japan. Her practice mainly revolves around digital illustration but she also dabbles in a little relief printmaking here and there. Through her illustrations, Lily hopes to bring elements of her cultural upbringings into her drawings and visually share parts of her personality with anyone who may come across them.
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