A Woman Walks Home Alone at Night

Stephanie Moscone

Inspired by late nights and anxiety-inducing rides on public transit, this story started as a small-time project in a school summer course and was streamlined into my first completed comic book project.

The story follows Rosie, a young woman who is simply trying to get home after the late shift, and finds she’s being followed by a sketchy stranger. In this undisclosed city, a particular type of evil runs rampant through the streets; but the men who continue to stalk young women by night are in for a surprise they couldn’t even dream up in their nightmares.

“Then and there I was resolved to be consistent, to obey no other urge than that of my art, even though it may lead to the extremes of physical sufferings or to the depths of mental distress. And those indeed were to be endured for its sake.”

~ Romaine Brooks

Stephanie Moscone

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Stephanie Moscone is an illustrator-writer currently based in Vancouver, Canada. Utilizing vibrant colour schemes and designing characters varying from adorable to fantastical, Stephanie aims to capture narratives within every piece and extend her imagination far beyond the limitations of the everyday. Her characters and concept work pull from the realism of the everyday, but portray a particular cartoonish charm to create striking visuals in editorial and publishing fields. From comic strips navigating adolescence and agency, to whimsical scenes of pixies watching snow fall, Stephanie can provide a myriad of high-quality services — as well as some clever puns and has a constant hankering for sushi.