Encounter : Embracing Our Differences


Encounter 21AP30 no.01 oil on linen 60x48inch

Hyeok Lee has been inspired by Encountering that comes in accidental and vague expectations. People live with their own familiarity and stability in respective positions. At one point, however, they must encounter each other, and it may occur a conflict or harmony. Hyeok visually expresses the harmony from the encountering. The balanced image on the canvas indirectly suggests a positive future of mankind that the artist wishes. He believes an ethos of soberness is needed to make a harmonious future when people encounter others. …

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In 1985, Hyeok Lee was born in Busan, Southeast Korea. However, his family came from Southwest Korea. It made him be able to face various Korean traditional cultures. The tension between South Korea and the other Korea in the north also made him concerned about Differences. In 2010, he went to Italy to study art. The impact with unfamiliar Western cultures, away from familiar Asian cultures, gave him a tremendous effect on his inner-side development. The European Continent’s climate, architecture, food and language, which were completely different from Asia, were challenges that Hyeok had to overcome in order to fit into their culture. The life in Europe became an opportunity to think about what 'different' is from a global perspective. In 2016, he moved to Port Moody in Canada to study art and new culture of North America. Canada's environment, where people of various nationalities are living in, is another experience and stimulation for him.
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