To Whom it May Convince

Shelley Saltzman

Artist’s statement

I’ve been on these unceded lands for most of my sixty years. The last three and a half have been a protest against my own privilege. Perhaps I have not always made the pretty things that people love to purchase for their walls. Rich, pleasing colours. Bold lines. 

Nonetheless, bits and pieces, warm and humourous memories, some of cruelties and inequities, mixed, heated and filtered, like shards of the rooibos tea I love to drink most days. What was on the inside for decades, oozed and trickled out just a little bit. 

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When I entered Emily Carr, I vowed to myself that I would minimize my environmental mess. Most of my work is, therefore, created from upcycled materials. My latest project, “Little Box of Protests,” was formed from paper pulp gleaned from rag paper cuts found in the paper bin in the PrintMedia studio. In my little box of protests you will find handmade paper and zines and postcards. I only wish that you could pick it up in your hands – open the pages, peruse, flip , feel the textures, the paper soft, thick and feathery, reminiscent of a worn flannel bed sheet.

handmade paper with dryer lint and wood bits 2021
5 by 7 inches

Lepages Glue on textured paper 2021
13 by 9 inches
Lepages Glue close up
Endangered Bird vs. Racetrack Alberta B.C. 2021
12.5 by 10.5 inches
92 Snakes 2021
11 by 13 inches
92 Snakes close up
White Privilege Defined 2021
5 by 7 inches
Texture and Terrain 2021
5 by 7 inches
Comfort Zone 2021
5 by 7 inches
A Zine called “on protest songs in america” Please keep reading
A Zine called “Protest Food Insecurity” Please keep reading.

Retirement for a Turquoise Rolley
4 by 6 inch postcard

I chose to perform “A Little Box of Protests” on the steps of the Vancouver Art Gallery. To see the performance, please go to following youtube link:

Atlas Wept and Returned to His Cambie Street Condo 2018
burnt out mattress, wood dowels and Gortex fabric

Not only do I see protest as a theme across my work, but the music of my youth tends often to appear, for example in “The Blumenfeld Series,” a set of 10″ wide silkscreen prints from 2019

Blumenfeld 2019
silkscreen on rag paper
Roam 2019
silkscreen on rag paper
New Day for All the Pregnant Mistresses 2019
silkscreen on rag paper

Substantial Wall of Ts 2019
upcycled T-shirts

Miro, Rabbinical Student, Meet My Mother 2019
cotton and wool yarn, cotton fabric, glass on IKEA rolling rack

Shelley Saltzman

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