Ryanne Bergler

A detailed view of the installation. A found and natural tree branch is in the foreground with sky and trees in the background. 
The installation that resembles a birds nest is in the tree branch. The artwork is made of light brown transparent handmade paper from recycled/used unbleached coffee filters and inside there is a shape similar to a bird's egg that is tinted blue from the handmade ink.
Air (detail views of installation), 2021
handmade paper from recycled/used unbleached coffee filters, handmade ink from copper pennies
A photograph showing a closer view of the Air installation artwork.
an extreme close up view of the Air installation artwork

Air is one artwork within a larger body of work titled Air, Earth, Water
This is a series of temporary site-specific sculpture installations that looks at the connections between the human and non-human environments and how they are impacted by each other.  Integral to the process-based work is the exploration of material-making to create handmade papers and inks using natural and recycled materials.

installation views of Air, Earth, Water with the environmental sounds

Ryanne Bergler

Ryanne (she/her) is a multidisciplinary artist working in film, drawing, collage, sculpture, printmaking, painting, and photography. Her practice focuses on environmental and cultural issues and most often incorporates natural and recyclable materials. Along with her passion for combating climate change to save our beautiful planet, she is mindful of the traditional materials used and the waste produced when creating art. Ryanne’s practice shows dedication to using natural and non-toxic materials, creating her own materials from plants and food, and using recyclable materials or objects as often as possible.