Ahọn Dudu

Oluwasola Kehinde Olowo-Ake

Photographed by Ariella Horvath

This project is a self-reflective piece of my own encounters of what seems to me, to be a lack of black communal culture here in Vancouver. It is also a depiction of the barriers I experienced within a community I was a part of when a disturbing unwillingness to create space for black (us) sufficed. Ahọn Dudu is me, a character in my stories and my Yorùbá subjectivity that lives and exists in Vancouver and together we will lead you through the barriers we have uncovered and experienced . We will do this through performance, dance, garment construction, poetry and Yorùbá storytelling.

I invite you to come and experience Ahọn Dudu’s exhibition here.

Videographer: Ariella Horvath

Award Recipient

  • ECU Graduation Award for Anti-Racism + Social Justice – Design

Oluwasola Kehinde Olowo-Ake

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Olúwáṣọlá Kẹ́hìndé Olówó-Aké… is a Nigerian from the Yorùbá ethnic group, born in Lagos State. She studied Fashion Design in the UK and is a graduate of the Master of Interdisciplinary Design program at Emily Carr University. Her practice focuses on using Yorùbá storytelling methods to speak into issues regarding the black race in her environment and additionally depict narratives that are befitting of black bodies- through dance, song, ways of wearing and poetry. She is currently engaged in a Design Activism Residency with the Shumka Centre at Emily Carr University.
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